Don’t let the news have you making poor housing decisions

Don't let the news have you making poor housing decisions

We’ve all seen the recent news. Whether it’s a conflict far away or another variant of what seems like a never-ending pandemic, it’s essential to know that this too shall pass. Things are always happening. There will always be a market downturn or a conflict or war somewhere. There will be political strife, economies collapsing, and new diseases out there.

What there won’t be is more land. That’s looking more and more like a finite resource, as well as fossil fuels and gold. Homes go on this land, meaning that there’s also a limited amount of homes technically. That means that no matter what happens that makes the markets go red or the price of items go up, your home will still be there, ready to be liquidated and to move on with your goals in life.

Don’t change your plans

If you were already on the verge of selling your home, relocating to the wilderness, or some island paradise in the Caribbean or Southeast Asia, before the events of the past couple of years, don’t stop now. Don’t let news affect your decisions, as there will always be something. Instead, use this opportunity to fast-track yourself to get out of your home and liquid as fast as possible.

Remember, especially during these uncertain situations, cash is still king (or queen), and that means being mobile, flush with cash, and out of the responsibilities of mortgages, taxes, maintenance, insurance, and all the other bills that come with homeownership, keeps a clear state of mind that can help navigate any situation.

Maybe you were planning on handling your golden years drinking coconuts, or you wanted to open up a new business that’s true to your passion, and the children have left the nest, and it’s time to downsize. Whatever the reason is, don’t let the news ever get in the way of your hopes, dreams, plans, or arrangements.

Sell your house now

Since you’ve already started the process, and one global issue seems to be on the decline, it’s never a better time to sell than now. I don’t mean timing the housing market, as the best time to sell your home is when you’re ready to sell, but there are many positive points out that make it a great time to sell.

First, housing prices seem to be healthy, and the market appears ripe for you to cash in on all the investment and hard work you’ve done to your home.

Eliminate the headache of homeownership in general, as it isn’t what it used to be. With so many instances of people paying off their homes and still having bills that felt like a second mortgage, the price to maintain that home through taxes and other monthly costs doesn’t seem worth it anymore.

If you end up remaining in your home because of some inherent fear out there in the world, there’s no fear discount on your monthly obligations.

How to sell your house now

Now that you’ve let the cement settle of your decision to sell, make sure to do it the right way, and that’s usually through all-cash offers. You already might be influenced too much by outside information and forces, and going through a typical housing sale with retail buyers will only add to the pressure of selling your home.

Every additional day during the process is an extra day you still own that property and are responsible for those obligations. Every day is another day spent through a process where you have already decided to sell and takes away the time for you to do what you want.

Go for all-cash offers. They’re fast, to the point, don’t waste your time, and get the money in your account as soon as the ink is dry. You won’t have time to second guess your already excellent decisions, and you’ll be able to take advantage of whatever is next in life because you don’t have that obligation any longer.

Even if you decide to buy another home simply, you’ll already have a head start because then you can make an all-cash offer, get the home you want, and possibly skip the line of other prospective buyers for that property.

Get yourself ahead, and don’t listen to the noise out there. Instead, stick to your gut feeling, have the decision to move quickly through all-cash offers, and be on your way sooner than you could have ever imagined.

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