How can I sell my house fast right now and in its current condition?

This can be a tough one in a lot of scenarios. When selling your home, the buyer will have a tendency to immediately start looking for ways to lower the offering price down. They will also probably work with a lawyer, who wants to help out the buyer, since they are paid when the purchase happens, so it’s in their best interest to make sure the sale is pushed, even at a lower price.

This is true for any housing market, even in Savannah or for that matter the entire State of GA. It can be frustrating but sadly it’s the truth. This can be even worse, if the house isn’t properly maintained or that you meant to remodel the kitchen, but needed to sell your house fast. These repairs that may be cheap and easy, come at the cost of time, that we don’t always have. That affects the price that the next potential homeowner is willing to pay because he or she needs to estimate that repair plus an amount for the unknown, which then lowers your offering’s pricing.

Then we also miss out on all those items that can help raise the value of our homes, such as remodeling the kitchen or bathroom. Upgrading the exterior to improve its curb appeal. Maybe you even consider adding an extension to your home if Savannah allows for those types of extra units or additions. All of these, with enough time, and potentially fewer resources can add value to your home for an optimal price. Even a simple paint job can really help up the amount you can ask for when it comes to selling your home.

That’s not always possible when the mindset is to ‘sell my house fast’. The rationale goes out the window, for whatever the reasoning is, and those items have to be put on hold. Unfortunately in these situations, you sometimes may not even be a desirable seller for those potential buyers, unless you find those that may be looking for a fixer-upper, as they call it in the industry, but those are a very special case of buyers. Those are the ones that are hunting for that type of property and are specifically looking for a deal to take over your home, repair it as necessary and upgrade the home for the lowest price possible to push and flip it. They already have a spreadsheet with ways to cut down on the price and tear you apart from the actual value of your home.

To make matters worse, they may not even have the courtesy to help you liquidate quickly, and still go through the long and arduous process of having a broker find, you, buy the home with a mortgage, have you go through escrow, and still have you spend a lot of time getting an amount that is below fair value. There’s also still the major issue, that even with this whole process, there are still multiple points during the sales period where the buyer can walk out, leaving you out of more time to handle whatever pressing issue that made you want to or need to sell the property fast and easy. This can happen even in Savannah and throughout the state of GA.

This is not something anyone should have to go through, especially if they have fallen under hard times, and some items are out of control. It does happen and there’s always a better solution than having to go through the above.

We at Cash 4 Keys Home Buyers are always cash for your home first. That means that no matter what our offer may end up being, you will immediately have your time saved because we will make the process go very fast for you. We also make sure to do our research in Savannah and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the housing market there and the overall housing market in GA.

We also don’t care what condition your home is and are also experts in case of any necessary repairs are needed in the home, always making sure that we factor that in but at a fair market value. We don’t add on top of that with any fear of the unknown as we are well aware of outstanding issues that can happen in your home in the long run.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at 912-325-9640 or fill out the form below. We will contact you as soon as we possibly can, and can usually discuss offer numbers and details during our conversation with you!

Here at [company], we buy houses in Savannah, Georgia for cash, so there’s no need to worry about finding a buyer on short notice! Our business model is to help homeowners who need to sell a house fast (especially houses that need work) by buying your house for cash… then we and our local partners fix up the property, beautify the neighborhood, and sell it “move-in” ready to a happy new homeowner.

We pay for all of the repairs.

We pay for the closing costs.

We do all of the work, so you don’t have to.

Our goal is to make the whole process no hassle for you, so you can move on with your life and put this house behind you.

We Buy Houses In Savannah, GA In Any Condition, Give Us A Try! Call Us At 912-325-9640 To Get A Fast-Fair Offer On Your House Today!

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