Need to Stop the Foreclosure on Your Garden City, Georgia House?

Have you missed out on your mortgage payments and are facing foreclosure? If yes, Cash 4 Keys Home Buyers can help you. We will charge you neither charging commission nor fees for this service. We will also take care of all transaction costs. That’s not all! We will provide you with the best and fairest offer on the market.

How Foreclosure Works in Garden City, Georgia

Foreclosure is a lengthy process used by lenders to regain their money from debtors who fail to pay their loans. This process can take several months to conclude. And while the outcome is the same, the process varies from one state to the other. The outcome is to take over the debtor’s home, sell it, and pay off the debtor’s loan.

In any foreclosure situation, the lender initiates the process at any point between three and six months after the initial missed payment. If you, the debtor, are unable to make the payment after two months, you will be served a “Demand Letter.” A demand letter seeks to notify you that your lender wishes to give you more time. If you can’t make the payment after three months, you will be given a “Notice to Accelerate.” This grants you thirty more days to complete the payment.

At the end of these four months, you will be sent a “Notice of Default” if you still are unable to make the payment. Thereafter, you will be given another 90 days to settle your debts and reinstate your loan. If you fail to do this again, the lender will launch foreclosure proceedings against you.

During foreclosure, your lender will assume ownership of your home, which gives them the authority to sell it to the highest bidder. The money earned from the sale will be used to clear your debts. Unfortunately, this arrangement does not favor you. That is why you are better off selling to us.

About Cash 4 Keys Home Buyers

We are a real estate company focused on providing solutions to the housing difficulties of homeowners. We also function as an effective resource by providing our clients with adequate information on their options before they sell. Because of this, they can make the best decision for themselves and also enjoy seamless transactions.

Over the years, we have worked with multiple homeowners looking to sell their homes in Garden City. Our knowledge and experience of buying homes is unrivaled. Because of this, we offer the best and most-likely to succeed services in the city.

Our Mission

At Cash 4 Keys Home Buyers, we provide Garden City homeowners looking to sell their homes with useful solutions. To provide the best solutions to their housing situations, we adhere to the following principles:

  • Fairness – Since different homeowners face different difficulties, it is impossible to find a one-size-fits-all solution to all situations. As such, we endeavor to create tailored solutions for each situation we encounter. Every solution we identify is the best fit for the particular housing situation it is intended for.
  • Truth and Honesty – Trust is one of the core elements of a business relationship. We trust our clients and we do our best to earn theirs. To achieve this, we provide them with honesty and transparency.
  • Listen – To provide the best solutions to all housing situations, it is important to know every detail about them no matter how little. And we achieve this by listening attentively to what our clients have to say. We also ask questions that will deepen our understanding of the situation.

We Help Provide Solutions to Your Housing Situation

There are methods you can employ to avoid foreclosure. They are: pre-foreclosure sale, short refinance, refinance with a hard loan, forbearance, mortgage modification, a deed in lieu of foreclosure, etc. One of the best methods, however, is to have a pre-foreclosure sale and settle your debt with the proceeds. This involves selling your house fast and for cash before the foreclosure process begins. Lucky for you, Cash 4 Keys Home Buyers is available to buy your house before it goes into foreclosure.

Apart from foreclosure, you can sell your house to us for several other reasons, including the following:

  • Your house is in a bad state and in need of repairs
  • You don’t want to deal with your tenants anymore
  • You are having tax or lien problems
  • You have underperforming rentals
  • You are getting a divorce
  • You recently inherited a property you don’t want

Know that your reason for selling does not matter to us. We are happy and willing to help you out of your housing situation regardless of the specifics. If your situation is different from the above, we will still buy.

What’s more? We buy all types of houses, ranging from lots to mobile homes, duplex, triplex, fourplex, etc.

How Do You Sell to Us?

To sell your house to us, follow these steps:

  • Contact Us – Either give us a call or fill out our form. We will contact you and request for relevant information, like the housing structure, your situation, how long you want the deal to take, etc.
  • Get Your Offer – Once we apprise your house with the information you provide us, we will make you an offer immediately.
  • Get Your Money – Once we reach an agreement, we will send you your money within thirty days.

Why You Should Sell Your Garden City, GA House to Us

When you sell to us, you stand to enjoy a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • We buy your house as is – You don’t have to spend money or time on cleaning, fixing and restoring, and property showings among others.
  • We don’t charge commissions or fees – The transaction process is completely free; we will bear whatever cost is incurred during our transaction.
  • You determine how the deal occurs – Whether it takes a week, two weeks, or a month, you get to decide.
  • You can decline to sell to us if our offer doesn’t satisfy you. If you wish, you can use our help to review offers from other companies and at no cost.

With our fair and convenient service, rest assured you will get a great price for your house and fast.

Contact us now to sell your house and avoid foreclosure.

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