What to do when you are about to lose your home in Savannah, GA?

Your nightmare has become a reality. The bills are piling up, the stress levels are through the roof and you are losing sleep every night. You just realized that you can no longer afford your home. You miss the first mortgage payment, then the second, then a few more until the bank starts contacting you and sending you letters that you are 120 days past due on your payments. You have entered into a state where you do not feel confident you can raise the necessary capital to get yourself in good standing with the bank and the overall mortgage.

This is a case that is happening more and more across the country especially in some specific areas such as GA. The pandemic has crippled the economy and no one knows how lasting the effect will be and when will it end (if ever). You are not one of the lucky ones where your employer has shifted to a fully remote role, and most likely have joined the pool of people that no longer have a job. You want to work, but the dynamics and timeframes of getting the proper employment have also increased in your area, specifically Savannah. This is not the time to feel hopeless as we want to help you stop foreclosure on your home.

Don’t Panic

Not giving into panic is the first step to stop foreclosure. You have options. You bought a home in Savannah because the GA has an overall solid housing market. You had a solid career that was growing, but the unforeseen circumstances of the pandemic took it away. You could try to renegotiate with the bank that has your mortgage, which can be in their best interest. You could also work on getting a bridge loan to try to get yourself back on track, but you fear that you might get into an even messier situation.

You are also focused on looking for gainful employment and in this job market, you have surely expanded your search beyond Savannah. You might be thinking of relocating to a different state completely and out of GA or even have an offer already, but you need some help in stopping foreclosure from happening.

Do not foreclose on your house

Be strong and do not reduce yourself to foreclosing on your home. You spent a lot of time and energy on your home, and a few missed payments should not deter the overall effort you have put in paying your past mortgage payments. These situations are always isolated incidents, but the mortgage system is not always built for it and can penalize you for this situation while disregarding your long history of making consistent and on-time payments to paying off your home.

Depending on how long you have had your home in Savannah there’s a good chance that it has significantly grown in value over the course of those years, so consider contacting us 912-325-9640 to help stop foreclosure.

What can I do?

As we said, we are here to help stop foreclosure. We buy homes, and we buy them quickly. We are experts in not only your Savannah but also the entire GA. We work quickly and offer liquidity on your assets to get you bought out, and in most cases, with some cash in your pocket. The sooner you call us 912-325-9640 or contact us here Cash4Keys the sooner we can help get in a quick cash offer to take this financial burden off of your hands.

We do not mean to pressure you, but if you want to stop foreclosure from happening, it is extremely beneficial for you to reach out to us before the bank starts foreclosure procedures. This can vary state by state so feel free to contact us 912-325-9640 as we might be able to provide some insight on your property and situation due to the fact that we are quite familiar with the GA real estate market.

Do remember that we work as best as we can with the current market conditions and what stage you are to offer you the best available offer. You should also keep in mind that you will be saving a lot because you won’t have some common real estate sale fees such as real estate agent commissions or the opportunity cost for waiting to sell before getting into that final foreclosed state. We also will help make sure to stop foreclosure of your home by selling to us.

Our goal is to make the whole process no hassle for you, so you can move on with your life and put this house behind you.

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